Quickly and easily convert your hydraulic fracturing chemical data to xml.

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The following steps will get you going:

  1. Download the FracEzFile template

    The FracEzFile template is a spreadsheet designed for you to enter your chemical disclosure information.

  2. Put your data in the FracEzFile spreadsheet

    Enter your data into the FracEzFile spreadsheet with your header information and chemical data.
  3. Convert

    Once the spreadsheet is ready, upload it to this site. FracEzFile will automatically convert the spreadsheet and download the xml to your computer!

The goal of FracEzFile is to encourage oil & gas operators and service providers to publicly disclose chemical information about hydraulic fracturing.

FracEzFile allows you to upload your hydraulic fracturing data from a spreadsheet which then automatically transforms it into the xml specified by FracFocus version 3.0.

To learn more about FracEzFile visit our FAQ page. To learn more about FracFocus, visit the web site.

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