Frequently asked questions:

Q:What is FracEzFile?
A:FracEzFile is an online tool that quickly and easily converts the provided spreadsheet template into xml that meets the new FracFocus 3.0 xml format.
Q:Can I modify the spreadsheet template?
A:No, any structural modification to the template could result in an error when converting.
Q:Does FracEzFile store any of the files I upload or the data in them?
A:No, once the file is converted it is disposed of. No data contained in the spreadsheet or xml is stored anywhere on the FracEzFile system.
Q:How much does it cost?
A:We're currently offering 1 month FREE up to 25 conversions to new registrants. Register
View Pricing.
Q:Only the header information was converted, what went wrong?
A:Typically when only the header information is converted, it is because not all of the detail data columns were completed. Most commonly the "Ingredient Type" column was not filled in.
Q:Is FracEzFile affiliated with either GWPC or IOGCC
A:No, FracEzFile was designed and developed by an independent IT organization i3 Creations.
Q:Is FracEzFile secure?
A:Yes. Please visit our security page for more information.
Q:My data comes from another source that I have to copy and paste into the spreadsheet. Is there another way?
A:Yes, an API exists for developers. Please contact us for details and pricing.