FracEzFile is built using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET technologies and hosted on Windows Azure by i3 Creations, a company that has been in business for over 7 years with individual professionals possessing over 20 years of technology experience. Thanks to this experience, we stand confidently behind the security, reliability, and confidentiality of FracEzFile.

Access via Registration

FracEzFile offers access only to individual registered users who have specified an email address and a password at least 8 characters in length as well as non-alphanumeric characters.


FracEzFile permissions are controlled by an administrator. The administrator has the ability to limit access to any area of the site.


Leveraging years of web and software development experience as well as website hosting using one of the top hosting providers in the world makes FracEzFile reliable and dependable.


i3 Creations and FracEzFile have adopted strict guidelines and practices so that your private information cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel or other users.